Framework Roofing FAQS

Do I need Building Regs approval if I am only replacing the roof tiles?

Yes. Because of high number of relatively old houses in England and the slow rate of replacement, new rules were introduced in 2008 to improve the thermal insulation of properties having building work done. This is part of the government’s drive to lower carbon emissions.

So, as a condition of granting approval, you will be required to increase your loft insulation to meet current legislation, ie a minimum 270mm thickness.

Do I need to submit a building regulations application to reroof my property?

If you’re reroofing the whole property – or more than 25% of the roof area – then you’ll need to apply for approval. The building inspector will then check your loft insulation thickness. As a condition for approval, you’ll be required to increase your insulation to meet current regulations, which stipulate a 270mm minimum thickness.

Which roof tiles are best for restoring my cottage roof?

This will really depend on the product on the existing roof. We source a lot of reclaimed materials to blend in with older properties.

I am building my own house. Can you quote for a roof on a new build?

Yes, we can quote for a new build property and work very closely with other suppliers.

Can you repair my old slate roof if it’s part of a listed building?

Yes, we’d aim to give you a simple solution to the problem, appropriate for the scale of the repair.

How much will it cost to replace my slate roof or garage flat roof?

This depends on its size and the material used. Our calculator will give you a good guide.

How long will my new flat roof last?

All our single-ply flat roofs are guaranteed for 20 years.

I have woodworm in my roof. Will it need replacing?

We’d recommend replacing any areas of the roof that are particularly bad. Otherwise, we would treat it using safe products.

My roof is very old. If you remove the old tiles and discover a rotten frame, can you repair or replace this too?

If you have rot, it can be treated. Otherwise, we’ll replace any damaged timbers.

Will my house be protected if it rains or snows when you’ve removed my old roof?

Naturally, we make every effort to keep your property safe and dry – normally by scaffolding with a tin roof. While this does add to the cost of the project, it gives everybody peace of mind.

Will I have to move out of my home while the roof is being repaired?

Only in very exceptional circumstances, such as when the roof is very structurally unsafe. Otherwise, you can stay put.

How long will it take to re-slate my roof?

It really depends on how big the roof is. It could take up to three weeks on a standard semi detached home.