Tiles available

Clay Tiled Pitch Roofing

Clay tiles, along with peg and hand-made tiles, are often required when we’re working in a conservation area or on a historic property. These traditional products create very desirable roofscapes and have been in production since 1666 and the Great Fire of London. It was at that point that standards were introduced for the first time. Today, the standard size for this kind of tile would be 265mm x 165mm and they come in a variety of orange and brown colour variations. So if you want a long-lasting, environmentally friendly roof, which fits in closely with the historic surroundings of your local area, clay tiles are an ideal option. With qualified roofers from Framework on the case, the installation won’t take long and you’ll find there’s little ongoing maintenance.

Peg tiles – for old Dutch barns and churches

Sometimes, when we take clay tiles off church roofs, we find they’re still in good shape – even after a century of use. Peg tiles are very similar and also made from clay. The only difference is that they have two holes in the top which can accommodate a metal or wooden peg, as opposed to the ‘knib’ of the clay tile which hangs on to the roofing baton. You might choose to use peg tiles to fit in with the character of your local area – particularly if you’re roofing an old Dutch barn or church.

Plain tiles – for more modern housing developments

Usually made from concrete or clay, plain tiles are often incorporated into modern housing developments. They come in a range of colours and materials and are very durable. You can use them to help match your local environment or meet planning regulations.

Slate roof options

Slate Pitch Roofing.

There are many varieties of slate available in different grades and colours. The most popular being Welsh, Spanish and Cornish slate. Slate has a great finish and can last from 60 to 120 years. In fact, some of the older buildings in Europe have slate that’s 400 years old! Whether grey or blue, it is easy to work with and also looks good against tiled roofs. Welsh is the most durable of slate. Used on prestigious buildings it is strongly associated with heritage. Personal preference differs and Frameworks can offer more affordable Spanish slate. In addition a range of slate can be sourced upon request. Slate is:

  • Slate is easily maintained by qualified roofers, using the correct tools.
  • Slate gives your property a longer life
  • Slate is comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – the two most common being 20 x 10 or 24 x 12 cm.

We offer a guarantee, which will vary depending on the grade of the slate.

Shingles - Natural cedarwood roofing option

Shingled Pitch Roofing. The natural look with Cedar Shingles

A great-looking natural product made from cedar wood, shingles are perfectly suited for log cabins. Lasting up to 25 years, they’re very environmentally friendly and are easy to construct, clean and repair.

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